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Katrina provides individual, family, and couples therapy to adolescents and adults to provide support for many various life obstacles:  
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Depression & Anxiety

Sitting with anxiety and depression can be painful and isolating. Therapy can help individuals manage their symptoms and not feel alone within their experience.

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Children & Adolescents

Children and adolescents can benefit from emotional education and learning the tools to self-soothe, relax and emotionally regulate in healthy and responsible ways. 


The complex and dynamic emotional experience of grief can often leave one feeling like they've lost their protective layers. Therapy can help individuals slowly grow back those protective layers and lead them down the healing path.   

Identity &

As an ally to all folks within the community, I provide a safe space to process and explore challenges related to identity exploration and development. Establishing a positive relationship with ourselves is an essential platform to foster more self-love and build a healthy state of mind. 

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Life Transitions

Navigating life changes and transitions can be challenging and emotional. I love supporting individuals through the array of life transitions like college, parenthood, new careers and new identities. 


There are multiple factors that can disrupt the harmony within relationships. Building open, and honest communication, and learning to identify maladaptive behaviors can aid in regaining balance and stability within relationships. 

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